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The Capannina di Franceschi, simply known as La Capannina, is an historical club in Forte dei Marmi, whithin the Lucca province, that became famous during the 60’s and the 70’s. It features disco, live music, events and restarurant.




Born in 1929 by an idea of Achille Franceschi to clean up an old shack on the beach and provide it with a bar to serve drinks and pastries and an old gramophone to entertain clients, immediately attracted people from all over Italy, and earned huge success, contributing to Forte dei Marmi expansion and turning it into an elite destination.

During the 30’s sitting at La Capannina drinking Negroni became a trend, and it was commonly attended by personalities such as counts, dukes, intellectuals and poets.

After a sadly known fire in 1939 the venue was completely rebuilt and it basically hasn’t had any substantial changes ever since. During the economic boom it represented industrialists, international politicians, movie stars and even kings hangout.

During the 70’s the new owners Gherardo Guidi and his wife strengthened the venue image, to the point that national and international artists bound their names to it, such as Gino Paoli, Ray Charles, Grace Jones, Gloria Gaynor, up to nowadays tv stars Belen Rodriguez, Alba Parietti, Ilary Blasi and comedy artists such as Giorgio Panariello and Jerry Calà.

The winning formula today indissolubly binds Disco music and Live shows, making this venue, which owns the most ancient dance club with restaurant in the world award, a music, fashion, cuisine, costume and lifestyle crossroad.