Conference Venue

SPAWC 2021 will be held at the prestige IMT School for Advanced Studies Lucca, which is a public graduate school and research centre that focuses on the analysis of economic, societal, technological and cultural systems. Since IMT’s institution in 2005, the school has distinguished itself thanks to the quality of its research and doctoral program and its interdisciplinary nature, characterized by the complementarity between methodologies drawn from economics, engineering, computer science, applied mathematics, physics, archeology, and art history.


The fusion between art and technology is reflected in the campus, located in the newly restored San Francesco Complex within the historic city center of Lucca, and including spaces for research and laboratories, courses, living and recreation. Presently, the buildings that make up the IMT campus stretch over 10,000 sqm.


The SPAWC conference will be entirely hosted in the beautifully and painstakingly restored San Francesco complex, which features flexible facilities and experience in organizing every kind of event. Particularly, the conference will run over the following facilities:

The San Francesco Auditorium

For keynotes and major events with more than 300 seats, while preserving the original artworks that still exist today, the San Francesco Auditorium, a wonderful example of Franciscan architecture, is now used for hosting large size events.

The “Guinigi“ Conference Room

The “Guinigi” room is set up as a lecture hall, equipped with the most modern equipment. The acoustic protection is excellent due to its insulating structure. With its 120 seats, it can used for tutorials and smaller events, like SPAWC talks.

The “Cloisters”

The Cloisters offer a covered walk, open gallery, running along the walls of the San Francesco complex, with room for more than 30 posters, and various spots for coffee breaks.


From Tuesday to Friday, a lunch in the form of a buffet will be provided to all attendees in the lunch area in the “Ca’ nova” and its side garden.

Dinners at the IMT Canteen

From Tuesday to Friday, students are welcome to eat for dinner at the IMT Canteen, upon booking available during the registration process.